Vietnamese spring rolls | Weight loss recipe | diy easy food

Vietnamese spring rolls | Weight loss recipe | diy easy food

Vietnamese spring rolls | Weight loss recipe | diy easy food

The biggest difference between the Vietnamese spring rolls and the Chinese spring rolls is that the cake skin is not a thin dough, but a dish made of rice flour and rice fillings.

For the little fairy who loves beauty, the biggest advantage of the Vietnamese spring rolls is that they don’t use soot. They can roll some vegetables and meat they like with water.

Not only is it very suitable for the fat loss period as a staple food, but also has a high face value and a good look.


Dutch cucumber 1
Carrot 1
Lettuce 50g
Cherry tomato 3
2 pieces of Vietnamese spring rolls
Sweet chili sauce
Chicken breast 100g


1. Dutch cucumber and carrot cut filaments. The chicken breast is slowly boiled in warm water and then torn into strips by hand. Also leave a small piece of Dutch cucumber cut into pieces. Cherry tomato slices. Wash the lettuce for later use.
2. The spring roll skin is blistered with about 70 degrees of water for about 30 seconds, and placed on a larger plate to flatten. The first layer is paved with some lettuce.
3. Spread a layer of carrot, cucumber, chicken breast and sauté.
4. Start with the left side and remember to wrap it up.
5. Then apply a layer of cucumber or cherry tomato slices and wrap the spring rolls above and below.
6. Finally, wrap the spring roll on the right side and close it.

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