Red bean chiffon cake | cake recipes

Red bean chiffon cake | cake recipes

Red bean chiffon cake

chiffon cake

Now more and more people have played the baking, because a ingredients can control themselves, is a can adjust the taste according to his be fond of.

Chiffon cake, is the basis of the baking entry-level cake, also is one of the most popular cake, because her high moisture content, taste light not greasy, taste soft, let a person can eat.

My children like to eat the cake, but I also often a taste for them. This time, I joined honey red bean within the batter, enrich the chiffon cake taste.

Strong flour, 80 g
Milk 60 g
Corn oil, 65 g
Corn starch 15 g
Protein 4
Egg yolk 4 + 1 whole eggs
Sugar 20 g (yolk)
35 g sugar (protein)
Red bean right amount honey


1. So after material ready, the protein into the freezing compartment.

2. The milk, corn oil and sugar mixture, using hand egg beater until emulsified.

3. Sift the strong flour, stir evenly. This step may be more thick, will not after add egg yolks.

4. Add four egg yolks and a whole egg stir to mix well.

5. Die into a paper cup.

6. Remove from the freezer. With electric egg beater speed, mixing until fish bags, add 3/1 of the sugar. Continue to protein sent to close-grained, gradually add the remaining sugar of 2/1. Continue to send protein, grain, add sugar for the last time.

7. The last time the sugar, after China’s entry into wto will egg beater to low-speed mixing, while a clockwise egg bowl, until about egg head of state of a right Angle, pointed, protein is sent.
8. Dig half meringue into the yolk paste, with a spatula fold (like cooking technique). Will be a mixture of protein cream batter into meringue basin, with scraper continue to mix well. At the same time, preheat the oven to 150 degrees fire. Mix good batter into the mould, gently shake the mold, red bean and honey. Into the oven to middle, 150 degrees, up and down the fire and bake for 25 minutes. (the specific time according to their own temper oven.)

9. After light mold, let the moisture out, again into the air cooling on the net.

10. Soft Q of chiffon cake, grainy honey red bean on collocation, taste more rich.

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